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Epic Time Pirates

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new start. I spent my Festive break in Rome this year. I saw buildings from Ancient Rome and works of art from the renaissance period. I went to ruins and I went to palaces. After an incredibly busy year that has seen me move to a new town, get an office, meet loads of developers + sponsors who have changed from being some of my hero’s to some of my friends, learning new development platforms, starting a podcast and even winning an award in San Francisco at 2012’s Flash Gaming Summit – I took a break. I didn’t have wifi and I didn’t check my phone. I didn’t go on twitter and I wasn’t able to look at my emails.

This was strange for me, usually if I’m not looking at emails or working on a game, I’m thinking about the next game I can make. I’m actually a little obsessed! My time away has certainly given me some perspective as well as  good breath of fresh air but I hope that its allowed me to think much more clearly about the year that lies ahead as there is no two ways about it; we are in a period of transition. Flash is no longer (and has not been for a long time) the only game in town and if a guy like me wants to survive he’s going to have to be very smart about how he proceeds.

So heres the plan: I’m making an AWESOME arena shooter at the moment called Epic Time Pirates for the guys at Not Doppler. Its turned out brilliantly and Im just putting the finishing touches on it.

Epic Time Pirates

I mentioned before that I made a cool editor for this. Here is a picture of the cowboy level in the editor.

Epic Time Pirates

And here is the same level with its art work. The amazingly talented Zeedox (of Elvidian Entertainment) has lent his seemingly limitless pools of talent to the project and created some AMAZING backgrounds for us to do battle in.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 09.23.46

I’m looking to create a quick gameplay video this week so I’ll post it here as soon as I’ve done that.

More good news: Bearbarians won Arcade game of the year on Armor Games! Congratulations to everyone involved in this  – and if you voted then a HUGE thank you to you too :) Bearbarians is one of my favourite games that I have made and I would love to do a second one. If you haven’t played it – check it out here! One of the difficulties is the demand for mobile games and the limitations of a virtual d-pad, but never say never and if I can make it work, then I definitely will!

Bearbarians Armor Games Game of the Year



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Release date Zombinsanity

Zombinsanity out tomorrow (6th Dec) on Armor Games!


Release date Zombinsanity




Don’t forget to vote to show it some love :) I really hope you find it fun!

Zombinsanity - zombie types


Zombinsanity wants your brains!!

Zombinsanity wants your brains!!

Here’s another teaser shot for Zombinsanity. The game has turned out to be pretty darn fun to say the least!

In all honesty, its completely unrelated to the original Zombinsanity – and to Combat Hero Adventures and the previous version that I started working on 2 years ago, sunk 4 months into and then lost all heart to carry on with. Well, my good friend and resident art hero Jimp has swooped in and come to the rescue! We’ve redesigned the game from the ground up. New look, new characters, new gameplay. In this game you must battle your way through an enormous, randomly generated space hulk against a huge number of different zombies.

Zombinsanity  - zombie types

Which is your favourite?

We started off with the usual, stay in one room and defend it until you die – which seems to be the standard format for zombie games. But then Jimp had the idea of being able to unlock different sections of the map as you earned money. We ended up with this one gigantic map which was really cool, but you ended up having zombies wandering around the map miles from where you were – and it got really annoying having to run round a huge level trying to find the one zombie who had gotten lost. On top of that flash became very unhappy with having such big bitmaps pushed to memory. Although we didnt get any slow down, the memory usage was peaking at 600mb – which we knew would be a huge problem for some users with older machines. So we came up with this elegant solution; what if we had lots of smaller rooms – and to connect them, what if we used a random dungeon style format – like games such as Rogue legacy or the Binding of Isaac – to keep up the variation, and keep things interesting each time you inevitably died and had to restart. This turned out to be an amazing decision, as not only did it mean the action in the rooms was much more concentrated and therefore intense, but it also meant that it massively reduced the ‘grind factor’. Each time you play feels different and its a real pleasure exploring these vast space hulks – vastly adding to a feeling of progression that can often be missing from these type of games.

The only thing we are waiting on now is the music. We’ve got Ed Budden composing us custom tracks and they are shaping up nicely. Dark, scary and intense – exactly what you want for a zombie shooter! Ed Budden has actually done the music for almost all my recent games and I am really excited to have him on board again.

Fire away with any questions you might have about the game and I’ll do my best to answer them :) Aside from that, I’ll have more news as the game is completed and we look to getting a release date!


Zombinsanity Lives!!

Zombinsanity lives!!

Zombinsanity Title
Zombinsanity Lives!!

Like a zombie itself, this game has clawed itself out of the grave and emerged with completely new mechanics, art and an insatiable appetite for brains!!

More information will follow shortly..!


Super Indie pals Episode 6 – Mochi London

In this episode we talk about Mochi London, A UK indie games community event, and review the talks on the day from Danny Parker (Ninjakiwi), Matt Roszak (Kupo707), Tony Lavelle (the-exp), Reece Millidge (Dampgnat) and US!

We also talk about how good Chris is at throwing sandwiches! Pot shot!

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Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.26.59

Mochi London 2013

I was at Mochi London 2013 last weekend and it was fantastic. Here is a picture of me (right) with the other Super Indie Pals ChrisJeff (left) and Jimp (centre). We hosted a panel that seemed to generate a lot of discussion. In the end we ran over and had to end it despite having only gotten through half the questions we had prepared! It seems quite clear that things have changed for flash developers, and what seemed at the horizon is upon us. What that means for you o’faithful reader is to expect not just flash games from me, but mobile + tablet games as well. Its something I’ve been moving in to since our trip to San Francisco in March. The problem is there are so many options, I’ve gotten the hang of Starling (see here) but nothing beats native, so I’ve been investigating Haxe as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way for a flash guy to move in to mobile? I’ve spoken to a lot of people about it and the interesting thing is that everyone says different things!

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.26.59

The following day there was a game jam! I’ve wanted to do a game jam ever since I heard about them and it really was a lot of fun. Its quite amazing seeing what talented people can do in a short time. I teamed up with ChrissJeff and Jimp to create a game we titled ‘Jellyfish lover’. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.27.22

I’m not safely moved in to my new house and have started at my new office. What I hope this means is that I can finally get on with what I really want to be doing – making games, lots of awesome games :) Stay tuned!

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Cambridge Weight Plan

Hey guys, my parents run a weight loss system called ‘Cambridge Weight Plan’ in Hong Kong and they have just made a video showing off one of their clients. Its nothing to do with games, but hey – they are my parents and I want to support them so check out their video!



I’ll be posting some more exciting gaming news very soon so keep checking back!



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Super Indies Pals 5: Toge Productions

Super Indie Pals 5 Toge Productions

In this episode we talk to our good friends Toge Productions, about upcoming games, workflow, and their smash hit Infectonator series!

Only a few days until Mochi London 2013! I’m counting the hours until I’m back with my awesome buds ChrisJeff and Jimp!

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Bearbarians @ PAX – The Evidence!

So, I mentioned Bearbarians was going to be at this year’s PAX Prime. Didn’t believe me – well here’s the proof! Photographic evidence provided by the wonderful and very awesome Keith from Playvue!

Bearbarians PAX

Bearbarians Banner PAX

Bearbarians banner PAX

Bearbarians Pax

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Bearbarains @ Pax Prime 2013!

Bearbarinas @ Pax Prime!


Bearbarains @ Pax Prime 2013!


Exciting news! Bearbarians will be on display at this years Pax Prime in Seattle on the 30th August – September 2nd! This has been made possible through an exciting partnership with the fantastic people over at Playvue.com – so do check ’em out! To see which other awesome developers will have their games at Playvue’s booth check out this link!

This will be the first time I’ve had something at Pax and I am very happy about it. I’ve designed banners and cards to help promote the game and I can’t wait to see the pictures from the event – not to mention have a whole heap of new people exposed to my games!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there in person as I will be moving house. My girlfriend and I have found and bought a beautiful house in the south of England and we should be moving in the week after next! It also means that I’ve taken the opportunity to move in to an office. For those of you who don’t know, working from home is great at first, but quickly gets pretty boring. Stuck in the house all day and not being ‘at work’ means that things are either too quiet or there are too many disturbances. Family members or friends who can’t quite make the disconnect between working and being ‘at’ work.

PAX has also pushed me to redesign my branding. I don’t know if you noticed but at the top of this page I’ve added a new logo. I wanted to go for something simple but instantly recognisable – and have a standardised logo I can use and reuse. The idea was to have something simple that could be ‘re-skinned’ but still be recognisable (much like the way the apple logo has changed over time but still has continuity) – Let me know what you think!

Its also about time I let you know where I am at with making games! I have for the longest time been tied up with an extremely time consuming private contract for a piece of software. Its not something I can talk about, but its also not something you’d be interested in so thats ok! What you care about are games. And I am very happy to give you an update on that front.

I am currently working on 2 (with a few more on the back burner).

1) Super Adventure Pals 2

First off – take a look at these AWESOME pixel versions of the Super Adventure Pals:
Super Adventure Pals Pixelated!
I was having some SERIOUS trouble with the game engine on this. Memory leaks all over the place and severe slow down. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand what was happening, and a few great things came out of that process. The first was I learned that flash is incredibly slow at creating new and disposing of old objects. What I mean by that is, for example, if you had a particle system with 10 particles flying around, if you create all 10 and then remove all 10 when they land, only to create another 10 a few frames later and then remove them – flash’s memory will balloon out of control and more then likely a lot of the items will not be marked for garbage collection (atleast if you are anything like me!) causing huge slow down when flash finally does decide to remove everything due to running out of memory.

The answer to this (and its by no means profound) is object pooling. What you do is have a ‘pool’ of particles and when you need to create one see if the pool is empty, if it is then create a new one. Then when you are done with the particle, add it to the pool where it can sit until you need another one. Not only have you avoided creating a new particle and dodging the time consuming ‘constructor function’ but you have also saved the process of removing it and being at the mercy of the sporadic flash garbage collection system. I can’t tell you what a life saver this technique is. I know that the guys at Iron Hide (Kingdom Rush) do it (as do many others) which is how they get so many units on stage without lag. Its amazing to think that adding and removing objects can actually be one of the most time consuming processes for flash!

It is for this reason that I have restarted the Super Adventure Pals 2 engine. And boy are the results showing! I’ve also recreated our editor to allow for some new flexibiltiy and set it up so we can save our levels to disk – thus reducing the huge amount of time it took during SAP1 to edit levels. We had to rely on keeping them in flash’s memory! Which meant we lost levels… alot!

Here are some screenies of the sexy new editor:
Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 10.44.53
As you can see there are a number of improvements on the ‘Zombinsanity’ editor which we used to make SAP1 and also Jack Lantern. Elements such as doors and platforms can be linked together to trigger each other, making for some interesting mechanics and maybe even some puzzle elements :) There is also a property inspector which means you can directly edit custom properties on level elements such as the speed of moving platforms, whether a switch activates or deactivates something, whether a door starts open, etc, etc. This may not sound exciting – but if you’ve ever made a tile based platformer you’ll know that adding flexibility is always an exciting thing which can add alot to the game play and game mechanics.

All of this has really made me feel that I have ‘levelled up’ my understanding of flash and programming in general.


2) Epic Time Pirates (working title)

Epic Time Pirates - Shark launcher

The other game I am working on now is called “Epic Time Pirates: Buccaneers of the Space-Time Continuum” and its going to be AWESOME. Does anyone remember my game Combat Hero Adventures? Well, its one of those: an arena shooter in the vain of Raze and Armor Mayhem. The twist this time is that you are a group of time travelling pirates, pillaging your way across time and space on a swashbuckling adventure!

As the captain you’ll have a band of rag tag adventurers as well as parrot called ‘Mr Biscuits’. There will be an arsenal of weapons to unlock, costumes to edit your character and crew as well as the ability to upgrade your parrot for different buffs and abilities.

The game is relatively early but I can show you some sketches:


Epic Time Pirates


Epic Time Pirates - Wild West

Epic Time Pirates - Character designs


There will be more news on this to follow. The main two points to mention are that it will be released first on Not Doppler in around October and the second, is that one of the game’s guns is a shark launcher:

Epic Time Pirates - Shark launcher

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