Zombinsanity Jay Armstrong Games Miniclip Interview

Zombinsanity Miniclip interview!

Zombinsanity Jay Armstrong Games Miniclip Interview

Hey guys, Zombinsanity launched on Miniclip! We made extensive changes to the game on their request and really feel like this version is vastly improved!

I sat down to do an interview with them as well, which was a huge amount of fun. Read it here: http://blog.miniclip.com/2014/04/19/miniclip-interview-zombinsanity-creator-jay-armstrong/

We also did a video interview over skype. Watch Miniclip wrack my brains about Zombinsanity, Indie Game Development and even Super Indie Pals!

I also came across this cool video review:

Another awesome review video! Honoured to get a ‘hot’ rating from the reviewer.

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Epic Time Pirates gameplay trailer

For some reason the quality is awful – I’m sorry!

Zombinsanity is now of the front page of Newgrounds – amazing, thanks so much NG! Please support it and vote 5! Play it here.

Zombinsanity Newgrounds


Its also front page on Kongregate – play it here

Zombinsanity Kongregate


As well as Not Doppler! Play it here!

Zombinsanity Not Doppler

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Release date Zombinsanity

Zombinsanity out tomorrow (6th Dec) on Armor Games!


Release date Zombinsanity




Don’t forget to vote to show it some love :) I really hope you find it fun!

Zombinsanity - zombie types


Zombinsanity wants your brains!!

Zombinsanity wants your brains!!

Here’s another teaser shot for Zombinsanity. The game has turned out to be pretty darn fun to say the least!

In all honesty, its completely unrelated to the original Zombinsanity – and to Combat Hero Adventures and the previous version that I started working on 2 years ago, sunk 4 months into and then lost all heart to carry on with. Well, my good friend and resident art hero Jimp has swooped in and come to the rescue! We’ve redesigned the game from the ground up. New look, new characters, new gameplay. In this game you must battle your way through an enormous, randomly generated space hulk against a huge number of different zombies.

Zombinsanity  - zombie types

Which is your favourite?

We started off with the usual, stay in one room and defend it until you die – which seems to be the standard format for zombie games. But then Jimp had the idea of being able to unlock different sections of the map as you earned money. We ended up with this one gigantic map which was really cool, but you ended up having zombies wandering around the map miles from where you were – and it got really annoying having to run round a huge level trying to find the one zombie who had gotten lost. On top of that flash became very unhappy with having such big bitmaps pushed to memory. Although we didnt get any slow down, the memory usage was peaking at 600mb – which we knew would be a huge problem for some users with older machines. So we came up with this elegant solution; what if we had lots of smaller rooms – and to connect them, what if we used a random dungeon style format – like games such as Rogue legacy or the Binding of Isaac – to keep up the variation, and keep things interesting each time you inevitably died and had to restart. This turned out to be an amazing decision, as not only did it mean the action in the rooms was much more concentrated and therefore intense, but it also meant that it massively reduced the ‘grind factor’. Each time you play feels different and its a real pleasure exploring these vast space hulks – vastly adding to a feeling of progression that can often be missing from these type of games.

The only thing we are waiting on now is the music. We’ve got Ed Budden composing us custom tracks and they are shaping up nicely. Dark, scary and intense – exactly what you want for a zombie shooter! Ed Budden has actually done the music for almost all my recent games and I am really excited to have him on board again.

Fire away with any questions you might have about the game and I’ll do my best to answer them :) Aside from that, I’ll have more news as the game is completed and we look to getting a release date!


Zombinsanity Lives!!

Zombinsanity lives!!

Zombinsanity Title
Zombinsanity Lives!!

Like a zombie itself, this game has clawed itself out of the grave and emerged with completely new mechanics, art and an insatiable appetite for brains!!

More information will follow shortly..!