I get so many people asking when Zombinsanity will be ready – and I have continually failed to give you guys answers – and if I do, I’m always outrageously optimistic. Well since I’ve been off work for the whole of December, and everyone has been waiting so patiently – I thought I’d treat everyone to a little gameplay teaser and status update!

So – you may remember in a previous post I appealed for help as to how to go about pathfinding in a platform game. Well – I believe I have now cracked the case! I’m not using real pathfinding – as this could cause some serious slow down with the way the game is set up – and since it was like 3 months ago I was struggling with it, I thought a new approach would be the wisest course of action. So instead, I’ve just set up a number of conditional statements to account for the various situations your trusty followers may come across. There is a block in the way, no problem – jump! There is a gap – jump again! There is a gap but the player has actually gone down that gap – well then you best drop down! The commands are also working pretty well – send them to defend a spot, or bring ‘em back to cover you with the click of a button.

I’ve also sorted some issues with the baddies – both human and zombie baddies. These problems had been hanging over me for months and really put me off the idea of working on the game (as many trusty readers will have noticed!).

Moreover, different skys and backgrounds can be set via the editor. The player can also be accessed in the cutscene creator and new baddy animation and art pieces have been lovingly created and added. I have decided to complete the game by myself – rather than asking for any help from any artists. It will be time consuming (particularly with 2 other games on the go!), but it is the only way!

So much progress has been made with the game! More news to follow – until then I shall leave you with this tantalising teaser… enjoy!

p.s. Castle Commander should be finished by the weekend – at which point I’ll make a trailer and post it here! It’s good to be back! :)