I’m just about to start writing some stories for the game – so I made this to give me an impression of all the characters and help stimulate me for ideas.

All characters in the Combat Hero Adventure universe!

All characters in the Combat Hero Adventure universe!

Don’t worry I know there are more characters to be added, and I’ll probably make some more depending on the demands of the stories I come up with, but I thought you might enjoy the image :)

Been working on some other stuff over the last week, and have had my girlfriend leave for Madagascar for 3 and a half months (amazing huh? I’m really proud of her), so things have been pretty crazy. I’m back home now, with my desk, big chair and so I’m knuckling back down to some hardcore Zombie action (+ a secret project I’ve had ticking over since the release of Combat Hero Adventures… but more on that later… or maybe there won’t be… who knows? Do I? I’m not sure I do… Probably…or possibly not… but yeah there will – but I don’t know when… or if I will… but I will so don’t worry) ….or will I? (Yes)… (maybe)…

Oh! And a prize for whoever can name them all 😉

Anyone still having trouble creating or drawing a character – just draw one in paint and send it over and I’ll insert them into the game as a reward for being so awesome, being interested in my projects and for visiting my site :)

Please note: Any characters that you design are considered ‘suggestions’ and are added into the game under the assumption that they are considered ‘user generated content’. This means that I will try to credit you, but after that the character exists and belongs to the game franchise – to appear in sequals, maybe even starring in their own games or adventures. I’m doing it as a thank you, and as a great way to interact with people who like the game, but if anyone is unhappy with these terms please do let me know so that I can remove your character- Sorry to get serious all of a sudden but I thought I had better say something before the game is done! :)

Also keep the suggestions coming for FreeAwesomeFlash.com – I’ve added a couple more games, and will try and get a proper redesign in there soon. I think it could be really great soon!

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