First look at Zombie game

So a couple things to know about this new game:

1) Its NOT an arena shooter like Combat Hero Adventures, its a Zombie survival game. So expect survivor, barricade and weapon management and a day-night sort of system. Fending off the zombie hordes at night and searching for survivors and provisions, etc during the day. Except in this game, rather than allocating hours, you will actually explore catacombs and abandoned stations by torch light to find these things.

2) At the moment I’m pretty keen on using the resistance team as the main protagonists, which means you will take up the role of Max again and be accompanied by his rag tag team of misfits. I’m listening though, and I get the feeling that people would like to explore some of the characters that didn’t feature in the story so I’ll see what I can do :)

3) If you suggest a weapon or a name, I’ll do my utmost to get them in.

4) There will be character classes. There is currently a) leader (you): give orders to the others, b) fighter: attack zombies and defend your ship from them, c) engineer: repairs barricades d) medic: mans the medical station which heals you.

5) I’m expecting to have each character upgradeable stats, and weapons that you can buy using experience points gained from shooting… thats right! you guessed it, zombies!

Oh yeah one more thing – I’m getting a lot of requests for multiplayer, so I just thought I’d answer them here. Creating an online multiplayer game in flash is an extremely difficult process at the moment (which is why there are relatively few of them). It requires knowledge of a number of different coding languages, and the maintenance of a full time server. At the moment, its just not something I have the time to explore as much as I’d like. Therefore, I have no immediate plans to make a multiplayer game. However, what I can promise is lots more fun and excitement. Although these games won’t be multiplayer (for the moment), I hope that you can continue to enjoy them as much as I do making them :)

And here is a time-lapse video of me animating the big zombie’s attack. If you like these, let me know and I’ll make more.